Face Shields built for comfort and durability. Approved by Health Canada.

Reusable Face Shields


Reusable Face Shields

One of the major benefits of using a face shield is that it can be used over and over again. A typical scene in the media has included photos of discarded masks littering parking lots and streets. Face shields combat this issue.

Shields can be used repeatedly, which also makes them more cost-effective than disposable shields. They can be sanitized between uses by spraying the foam with sanitizer, then wiping the shield with a soft cloth and cleaner. 

We also offer replacement face shields if yours become scratched or damaged in use.

"I think every person should have a face shield," says epidemiologist Michael Edmond in this article. Click here.

He goes on to say, "It should be worn anytime they leave their home, while in any public place, and even at work."

We feel the same way at Safe Shields. The more people wear personal protective equipment, the, hopefully, faster we can flatten the curve.

Replacement Shields

Replacing just your face shield means less waste in our landfills. Replacement face shields have been designed to fit onto existing rivets pattern for easy cleaning or to replace scratched, bent or damage shields.

Thanks for helping save the environment!

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