Face Shields built for comfort and durability. Approved by Health Canada.

Safe Shields is Here to Help Small Businesses


We are a small Canadian business, working to help other small and medium businesses during the pandemic 

Safe Shields is a small, but mighty, PPE supply business working to help others stay in business during this pandemic. Our company was started by Kim Shippam, who has been running her two small businesses, Caufields Engraving and Caufields Memorials, in the small city of Vernon, BC, for just over 12 years. 

We know that many businesses are struggling - there are new stories in the media each day of large companies closing stores; Starbucks announced the permanent closure of 400 stores and Zara has closed 1,200. Others have declared bankruptcy, for example, Victoria’s Secret and Aldo, to name a few. And still more have just stopped production, such as Chanel, Hermes and Rolex.

If large companies are struggling to survive, we know that small- and medium-sized businesses will also be facing a major uphill battle. We hope that by supplying PPE that we can ease some of the burdens of companies struggling to stay open while meeting the new safety protocols they have had to put in place. 

At Safe Shields, we hope to help as many companies stay in business as possible. We want to help them find creative and affordable solutions to promote their brand, while also keeping their staff and customers safe. We love hearing from our customers about their satisfaction with our products.

Wendy, from Haus of Stitches, sent us this happy note, “We are loving our face shields from you here at Haus of Stitches, as are many of our instructors. Many thanks for your great product.” 

We are striving to meet your product needs, while also giving great customer service. We want to be remembered as the helpers during this strange time of crisis. 

Kevin Shine, an anesthesiologist, had this to say about us, “The shields are great and it’s a small Canadian business: their customer service is amazing! I've bought several. I'm an anesthesiologist and these are SO much better than the disposable ones the hospital supplied. 

Every great endorsement makes us smile and encourages us to keep doing our best. If you want to learn more about our small business, please watch our local news story here.

Here is some more information about our products: 


∙ Health Canada Approved: We have an MDEL (Medical Device Establishment License) that has been approved by the Canadian government, allowing us to manufacture and sell our personal protective equipment throughout Canada. 

∙ Reusable: Our Safe Shields can be used repeatedly. Just clean the inside and outside before/after each use. We also offer replacement face shields if yours become scratched or damaged in use.  

∙ Full Coverage: We have several different sizes and designs to choose from. 

∙ Compatible with other PPE: We have face shields with extra clearance under the visor to provide space for things like dental loupes or a light being worn.

∙ Adjustable: Safe Shields are fully adjustable and can even be worn by children. 

Safe Shields face shields are made for multi-use long-term wear with three layers of materials to provide protection and comfort. The comfort is provided by a foam-padded acrylic band with an adjustable elasticized strap that fits all sizes. The protection is provided by a replaceable clear PET plastic that is mounted onto an acrylic/foam band with metal rivets. Logo artwork and wording can be laser cut into the acrylic band to provide individualized branding and messaging for business.

To see our whole list of products, click here.