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What is a Face Shield?


What is a Face Shield?

At Safe Shields, we have received a few questions about what a face shield is and how it even works. Will it protect you from pathogens? Do you need to wear one? Do they work as well as masks? We can help you find the answers here.

A face shield is a transparent piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worn over your face or mask. They are normally used by workers (healthcare, dental or veterinary) to protect the face and mucous membranes (eyes, nose, mouth) from splashes or sprays from body fluids.

Currently, because of the public health concern, face shields are being used more frequently and commonly as another barrier of protection against the spread of the virus. 

Face shields come in various forms, are all made with a transparent shield, a u-shaped strip of plastic with foam that frames the shield, and a band that wraps around the head. For the best barrier protection, the shield should be long enough to extend below the chin and wide enough to go over the ears. Face shields can be used by healthcare, commercial and retail workers, and individuals looking for additional or alternative protection of a mask.

Why is a Face Shield Important?

Recurring evidence shows that pathogens are most likely spread through contact and droplet transmission. The best barrier to avoid these droplets, along with plenty of hand washing and face avoidance, is a face mask or face shield. 

Wearing a Face Mask vs a Face Shield

Wearing some sort of protection over your face is important, whether it be a mask or a shield, but many people have problems with masks. Mask can feel hot and harder to breathe in, they can irritate the skin, fog your glasses, and make it difficult to communicate. Face shields don't seem to have these issues. They are roomier and less restrictive, thus easier to breathe in, they won't fog your glasses and with a transparent barrier, they make it easy for people to see your face and allow better communication.

A face shield will not only help you prevent the spread, but it will also help with that very repeated direct of "not touching your face."

Face shields also protect your eyes – something that a mask can't do. No one seems to know yet how, or if this virus, affects the mucous membranes but keeping droplets out of them seems like a good idea.

One of the big problems of wearing a mask has been with their disposal. Masks have been seen littering parking lots and sidewalks, but face shields are not disposable and can be used repeatedly and cleaned or sanitized between uses.

Are Face Shields Safe?

While we can't claim to be experts, we are following what the actual experts are saying. In a study on the efficacy of face shields with a cough simulator, it was found that face shields reduced virus exposure by up to 96%. View Article. 

Because of the barrier created, face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure.

The degree to which the health concern affected different parts of Canada has varied greatly, but we should still be aware of our social responsibility to contain the spread. Here is another great article to read when deciding to wear a mask or a shield.

How Do I Choose a Face Shield?

You can easily find a DIY video online to make your own shield, but you might want to pick one that has been approved by an official healthy agency. Make sure the one you choose fits tightly around the band and has full coverage of the face.

You could also choose one of our face shields:


Health Canada Approved:  We have an MDEL that has been approved by the Canadian government, allowing us to manufacture and sell our personal protective equipment throughout Canada.

Reusable: Our Safe Shields can be used repeatedly. Just clean the inside and outside before/after each use. We also offer replacement face shields if yours become scratched or damaged in use.

∙ Full Coverage: We have several different sizes and designs to choose from.

∙ Compatible with other PPE: We have face shields with extra clearance under the visor to provide space for things like dental loupes or a light being worn.

∙ Adjustable: Safe Shields are fully adjustable and can even be worn by children.

Safe Shields are made for multi-use long-term wear with three layers of materials to provide protection and comfort. The comfort is provided by a foam padded acrylic band with an adjustable elasticized strap that fits all sizes.  The protection is provided by a replaceable clear PET plastic that is mounted onto an acrylic/foam band with metal rivets. Logo artwork and wording can be laser cut into the acrylic band to provide individualized branding and messaging for business.

Check out our video on how to put your shield together.

What People Are Saying About Safe Shields

They are great and it's a small Canadian business: their customer service is amazing!!! I've bought several: I'm an anesthesiologist and these are SO much better than the disposable ones the hospital supplied.

I ordered 50 comfort shields and gave them out to neighbours, friends, and family. Super pleased with the product and the convenience of using a shield that I can quickly wipe down rather than a mask I have to throw in the wash. (Fyi: I wear glasses and they are comfortable to wear with them.

Even though parts of Canada are opening up, it is still important to protect yourself and others from the virus. Stay two metres apart, wash your hands, and wear a mask or face shield.

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