Face Shields built for comfort and durability. Approved by Health Canada.

Dental Shields Protect against Infectious Spread

Using Dental Shields to protect your Office Staff


Dental face shields have always protected the wearer from everyday spray and splatter, but with the arrival of the latest health concern, face shields in the dental office have come to play an even more crucial safety factor. Using PPE (personal protective equipment) when treating patients is the best way to keep both you and your patients safe.

Recurring evidence shows that the most likely spread of pathogens is through contact and droplet transmission. The best barrier to avoid these droplets, along with plenty of handwashing and face avoidance, is a face mask or face shield. For the dentist, dental hygienists, or clinician, the best option for working, is a face shield.

Face shields come in various forms, but all are made with a transparent shield, a u-shaped strip of plastic or foam that frames the shield, and a band that wraps around the head. For the best barrier protection, the shield should be long enough to extend below the chin and wide enough to go over the ears. 

Because of the barrier created, face shields appear to significantly reduce the amount of inhalation exposure. In a study on the efficacy of face shields with a cough simulator, it was found that shields reduced exposure by up to 96%. View article

The degree to which this affected different parts of Canada has varied greatly. That said, dentists should still take infection prevention seriously and understand their social responsibility to contain the spread.

Other advantages to dental face shields are:

  • Dental Shields provide a transparent barrier without interfering with your field of vision
  • Dental Shields can be used repeatedly making it more cost-effective than disposable shields
  • Dental Shields can be sanitized or washed with soap and water
  • Dental Shields are comfortable to wear
  • Dental Shields prevent you from touching your face
  • Your face is visible so you can communicate more clearly with the patient
  • Others around you are reminded to be socially distant


About Safe Shields

Safe shields has received a MDE licence from health Canada. They provide face coverage, have an adjustable band for sizing, and are PPE compatible.

Our dental shields were designed specifically for clinicians requiring additional space between their face and the face shield. Most commonly, this is used to provide space for dental loupes that can fit under the protective face shield. We can also customize your shield if you would like to add your logo or office name.

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