Face Shields built for comfort and durability. Approved by Health Canada.

Dentist Face Shields

Wear a Health Canada Approved Dental Face Shield

To protect patients, staff, and dentists from the potential spread of pathogens, it is recommended that dentists and hygienists wear dental face shields. Dental shields allow for clear communication with the patient while providing protection in a comfortable format.

We know that pathogens are spread through contact and droplet transmission. As we practice social distancing, hand washing, and other precautions, there are specific things we can do when we visit the dentist. Dentists have new professional guidelines for their staff as they reopen for business. As a trained professional this may include the use of Health Canada Approved face shields.

Our Dental Shields

Safe Shields' dental shields were designed to provide the necessary coverage required to keep both the patient and the dentist safe. The face shields are specifically designed for a dentist's needs and feature various lengths, width, and clearance.  Our safety face shields are made with additional padding for comfort and extra room under the visor to allow for dentist loupes. 

Our dental shields are available in 8" or 10" lengths and can be custom-branded with the dental clinics' logo at the top of the visor - along the headband.

Benefits of a Dental Shield

Visibility is excellent. Safe Shields' dental face shields provide a transparent barrier without interfering with your field of vision. The transparency also allows your clients to see your face so you can communicate more clearly. Masks can cause moisture build-up and fogging of glasses, but the loupes and open design prevents this from happening.

Our shields can be used repeatedly, making them more cost-effective than disposable shields. They can be sanitized between uses by spraying the foam with sanitizer, then wiping the shield with a soft cloth and cleaner. Replacement face shields are also available which help reduce waste.


Safe Shields is a Canadian company created by the Caufields’ group of companies. It was our strong ability to 3D print and assemble, along with our desire to help Canadians, that led us to start manufacturing face shields.

Safe Shields has a MDE Licence from Health Canada. We have been servicing businesses since 1984 and are now supplying dental face shields across Canada.