Face Shields built for comfort and durability. Approved by Health Canada.

How to Replace Your Face Shield

How to Replace Your Face Shield

Our Safe Shields can be reused repeatedly (you just need to clean the inside and outside before/after each use), but did you know that we also offer replacement face shields?

If your transparent shield should become scratched or damaged in use, we can send you a replacement piece to fit inside your headband. This helps keeps whole face shields from ending up in the landfill. 

If you have received your replacement shield and are struggling to swap the old one out, we have some great instructional videos from our youngest team members. 

Here is the link from Elijah with our Comfort face shield replacement instructions. Click here. 
Here is the link from Leila with our the Dental face shield replacement instructions.  Click here. 
To order your own replacement shields, click here.