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Face Masks Too Hot? Try a Face Shield

Summertime is Face Shield Time

Along with all the best things of summer, like longer days, sunny skies, seasonal fruit, comes much warmer weather. Typically, higher temperatures are celebrated by many, but with this year’s challenges and necessary precautions of wearing a mask, some of us are feeling a little too hot.

Temperatures getting higher and the air becoming more humid, can cause breathing difficulties for a number of people at the best of times. But when you have to wear a mask, you may feel even hotter. Many people may even be tempted to disregard the PPE all together. We want everyone to stay safe, and wearing a face shield could be a good alternative. 

Many people find that face shields are much cooler than a mask. Face shields are designed to be roomier, with more space around the face so they feel less restrictive than a mask.

As more and more people are enjoying the outdoors, a transparent face shield may make it easier to practice social distancing as communication is easier when people can see your face.

In a recent CNN article they talked about face shields becoming more preferred. 

“People who wear masks are often touching their face, but with face shields this is not as much of an issue,” says Dr. Amesh Adalja, senior scholar at John Hopkins Center for Health Security. “Face shields are reusable and do not require [machine] washing — they can be more simply cleaned.”

All you have to do is use soap and water, according to Adalja, just the way you clean your hands. Plus, as Adalja points out, shields simply provide more surface area of coverage. In addition to your nose and mouth, he says, “face shields also protect your eyes, which are a route of infection. They are also less stifling to a person in terms of comfort level.” 

Safe Shields is a Canadian company created by the Caufields’ group of companies. We have been manufacturing since 1984 and our ability to engrave, print and assemble led us to begin manufacturing face shields to help fight the spread of pathogens. We are an MDE Licence approved manufacturer from Health Canada and are now supplying face shields across the country.

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